Here we make a list of instances where kids call 911 on time and saved their loved once

1. 4-year old Aribella Wetrich of Perry Township in Stark County, Cleveland sprang into action and saved her grandmother Mary Wetrich’s life.

2. 2-year old Riley Ward saves his mother Dana Henry by dialing emergency services after his mom collapses.

3. A crying 5-year old school girl Sienna Adderley calls 999 and directs police to her home when she found her mom Katie, unconscious.

4. 5-year old Savannah Hensley saves her father by making the most adorable 911 call, when her dad started having chest pain.

5. 5-year old Aydhun Byars saved his mother by calling 911, when his mom went to a diabetic shock.

6. 3-year-old Guy Fritzsche, of Mesa, Arizona, who suffers from speech impediment saved his mother by dialing 911 when she began to have seizures.

7. 3-year old Emma Bazzard calls 999 and saved her pregnant mother after she fell down the stairs at their home.

8. 4-year old Suzie McCash helped save her mother by ringing 999 after her mother suffered a respiratory arrest.

9. 4-year old Calise Manning saved her pregnant mother by calling the dispatcher at 911.

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